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Nuorten Palvelu ry (Youth Service Association)

Nuorten Palvelu ry is a nationwide politically independent youth work organization. The organization promotes the daily well being of youth in their own environments, organizes volunteer work and specializes in developing new approaches. The organization was founded in 1969. The target group of the organization throughout its 40 years of history has been the youth who need extra support.

The central office of the organization is in Kuopio and it also has many member organizations around Finland. There are 17 people working at the central office and its role is to support and train the volunteers and handle the most of the administration and lobbying. There are also employees focusing on working with girl groups and on working at the North western Russia. The member organizations are mainly managed by volunteers who actively participate and arrange street work among the youth. In some cities there are youth cafes and/or members who volunteer as support persons for youth in child welfare.

Volunteerism as well as professional activities and development play a key role in the organization’s operations, which include different ways to:
– maintain and improve the daily well being of the youth
– reach young people who are in danger of social exclusion and prevention of further problems and
– help young people who suffer from loneliness and from feeling left out

Nuorten Palvelu ry has been pioneering on developing the outreaching street youth work in Finland, which guides the operations of the organization.

Our aims are
– to support and activate the volunteering of young people
– to support the youngsters and their families when extra support is needed
– to promote healthy lifestyles
– to operate as the alliance of the local organizations that arrange activities for the young, and
– to influence and lobby on the matters concerning the young with fewer opportunities



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