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Nuorten Palvelu ry is a nationwide politically independent youth work organization in Finland. The organization promotes the daily wellbeing of youth, where everyone has someone who listens and cares. The organization was founded in 1969. Throughout organization’s 50 years of history the focus has been supporting youth to have the opportunity to live a positive and safe healthy life.

The central office of the organization is in Kuopio. Organization also has many member organizations around Finland.

Volunteerism as well as professional activities and development plays a key role in the organization’s operations, which include different ways to:
– maintain and improve the daily wellbeing of the youth
– reach young people who are in danger of social exclusion and its prevention
– help young people who suffer from loneliness and from feeling left out of community

Nuorten Palvelu ry has been pioneering on developing the outreaching street youth work in Finland and continues to develop new working methods and tools for the field of youth work.

Our work consists of:
– to support and activate the volunteering of young people
– to support youngsters and their families when extra support is needed
– to promote healthy lifestyles and community caring
– to operate as the alliance of the local organizations that arrange activities for the young
– to influence and lobby on the matters concerning the young with fewer opportunities


Currently Nuorten Palvelu ry has three main focus on its work:
– Nuorten Reviireillä (Youngsters turf), Youth work in commercial spaces
– Zemppari (Support buddy), Volunteer activity to promote young people’s daily wellbeing
– Etsivä Nettityö (Outreach youth work in online), Youth work in digital platforms


For more information in English, please contact us directly via e-mail.

Nuorten Palvelu ry
Vuorikatu 26 B., 6 krs.
70100 Kuopio


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